Nine Months

Baby Jules, you are. Well, what can I say? The best baby? Yes. The funniest? Yep. The cuddliest? uh-huh. You are my favorite little boy.

This has been a very, very busy month, developmentally for you!

At nine months you:

– recently mastered picking up cheerios/baby puffs and shoving them in your mouth. Pincher skills! (a big improvement from a few weeks ago when most ended up on the floor!)
– Drink from a sippy cup (but need help with the tilting part).
– Talk a lot!
– blow bubbles, loudly.
– sprouted that TOOTH, finally! And have another one on the way.
– super crabby because of new teeth.
– roll, roll, roll everywhere. BUT, you’ve finally figured out how to get on all fours. I think crawling will be in the near future.
– get all excited when you’re naked and ready for a bath.
– at least 20lbs. We’ll get the full scoop this Friday at your check-up. (and your car seat is HEAVY!)
– a rock star sitter-upper.

You still take about 3 naps during the day and sleep all night. But taking naps are hard for you. Lately, you fight to stay awake, worried you might miss something. But really, you’re a much happier baby if you nap. So just go to sleep.

You love to eat especially if we’re eating. And Scully loves when you eat too since some of it ends up on the floor.

You babble but mostly you say mamamama – thank you! (although, I’m fully aware that it doesn’t mean “mama”)

I love going in your room after a nap, singing, “bay-beee Jew-uls, bay-beee Jew-uls, it’s time to play.” With your face all red from sleeping on it, you just smile and giggle. Obviously, ready to play.

Happy nine (9!!!!) months, Jules!


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