What’s wrong with this photo? (not the “photo” but what I’m photo-ing)

I very rarely make my way to the lunch room to hit up the vending machine, but today I really wanted a treat. Something to tide me over until I go home for the day. So I scoured the machine to see all of my options. Normally, I’d get a bag of peanut M&M’s but I wasn’t feeling it. While looking I noticed these “fit” stickers next to some items.

Oh, right! That’s our tpt fit! program. Sweet, they made it easy for me! (The program has been around since August of last year. See, I don’t hit the vending machine up often.)

Pretzels. YES! Ooh, with CHEESE! Even better!

Do you see it? Guessed what’s wrong yet?

I opened my bag and immediately thought my pretzels were BROKEN! Seriously!? A bag of broken pretzels! ALL OF THEM! What crummy luck.

But then I looked at the bag closlier and read “Pretzel Pieces” and it all clicked.

Oh, Snyder’s, you are GENIUS! For reals, you just made up a whole new line of pretzels without doing anything different! By using the majority of broken pretzels, tossing them in fake cheese, I imagine you’ve reduced how much leftovers you throw away.

Which leads me to think of ways I can use leftovers. Sure, I made burritos with leftover pulled pork last night (way to re-heat, Jessi!) but what about other things that aren’t usually part of meal? Say, the last bit of milk in your cereal bowl? What to do with that? And the peels of carrots or cucumbers? Someone’s gotta have an idea?

Help a girl out. What do you do with any/all leftovers? (doesn’t have to be food related either. Hello – paper towel rolls – I’m SURE they can be re-purposed into something.


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