You Are NOT Entertaining!

While I tend to get the daily news in “scouring the web” format, last night I watched the local news, that led directly into Entertainment Tonight. Not news at all. But here’s what I saw and now, want to know why it’s even a story.

Sarah Palin’s grandson spends the day with his dad.

Only ET has the first video of new father Levi Johnston at home in Alaska with Sarah Palin’s grandson, baby Tripp, doing everything from changing his clothes and playing to diaper duty!

Did anyone else see this? The crew followed Levi from picking up the baby (but no footage of baby mama), driving him home, changing a diaper, playing with the sound guy’s boom, and I gave up and walked out by then. (I was waiting to hear how fat Kirstie Alley is.)

Ok, lets break this down. A Governor who quits (btw, the people of Alaska should be PISSED that she quit. They voted her in and she turns around and say’s “see ya” – she knows she’s got leverage after the failed Vice Presidential run to make money selling her image, and being Governor of Alaska isn’t glamorous. But look!

(photo courtesy Awkward Family Photos)

How can she not get anymore glamorous than this?!

Ok, back to breaking it down. Governor, Alaska, quit. Ok, who’s daughter has a baby at the tender age of whatever.WAY.too.young.and.not.married (possibly ruining super conservative Governor’s image), and now the baby and baby daddy are in the spotlight wasting their one and only day away during the week to host Entertainment Tonight. Yes, it’s sad that they both only get one day a week to spend with each other, but why is this the “entertainment” part of Entertainment Tonight?

This isn’t the pairs first visit. This happens every Saturday. Just a dad spending time with his kid. What I want to see is (if I HAVE to see something regarding this ridiculous family) Levi, Baby Mama and Sarah on Maury. Levi, if you’re gonna exploit yourself and, sadly, your son, do it where the rest of America does it.

Now that’s entertainment!

(disclaimer: Stuff like this happens all the time. And I do find Maury entertaining, but honestly, I’m sad for the little ones who are caught in the middle of custody battles, being exploited on t.v., not knowing who their dads are, moms that sleep around. It’s really, REALLY sad. And for that, I wouldn’t wish on any kid and I can only hope they are loved and feel loved no matter what.)

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