Well, That Was January

January, you came and went, and for most people, it sucked. Why is that? You shouldn’t be any different than any other month, right? (Ok, I give you weather. Weather in the frozen tundra pretty much sucks this time of year. Meh, I’m over it.)

– The holiday’s are over and there isn’t anything to celebrate – except birthdays!
– My niece turned 1(!) (who’s parents requested no gifts, not sure why, but I think it’s because she just received a pile of toys and clothes for Christmas, but still! BIRTH DAY, Hello!)
– I turned 32 on a Monday (which blows because I got crap sleep the night before. I forgot my pump so I ended up going home early anyway to work. And I had to hide from a baby who wanted me to hold him, but NOOOO, I had to work.). Surprisingly it’s a good age, but for some reason, I never really remembered I was 31 to begin with so I feel like I lost a year.
– Jules helped me celebrate my birthday with a quick trip to Cheesecake Factory where he immediately started screaming. We ate half our meals and got cheesecake to go. It’s the new norm now.
– But natural disasters like crappy snow storms and an earthquake that has killed hundreds of THOUSANDS of people is a big downer, January
– Apparently, January 24th is the most depressing day of the year. Another downer.
– The Vikings lost. Poor Justin.

Ok, so, ya. I guess you did suck again this year. Oh January, I’ve long given up on you. My birthday month has never been anything special. But don’t you think the birth of someone is something to celebrate, no matter what time of year or what age? Why is a birthday in January any less important than a birthday in July, August or September? Holiday’s are just holiday’s. But birthdays… I get it now. I gave someone a birthday and it should be celebrated! Every year! So while I’ve given up on my own birthday, I’ve got someone else to focus on. In June – a sweet little boy who made me a mom (and basically a new person) so I’m moving my “mom” birthday to June! Suck on that January!


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