Passive Aggressive

After Jules was born, I decided to drive to work. Taking the bus would be about an hour commute and driving was about 15-20 minutes less. I want all the time I can get with him, so I drive now. And since I was giving up my super cheap bus pass for a parking pass, I wanted to park in my building. Which happens to be the most expensive in downtown St. Paul (lame, Lowertown!) In my mind, this situation is temporary and I’ll start taking the bus again – so I could splurge on the parking fee.

The garage is nice with lots of spaces if you get here early enough. Lately, I haven’t and I just go straight for the lower levels where there is always plenty of spots.

One day, I got to work late and had to park on the bottom level. While waiting for the one working elevator (the other was out), the number of people waiting grew – this never happens, the elevators are FAST. Just when we all started to look at each other, it arrived. Phew! I didn’t want to walk up SIX flights of stairs!

We filed in and hit Skyway (P7) and away we went. P1 lit up, P2 lit up, P…and the one working elevator stopped. STOPPED between floors! Someone hit the closest floor to get it going and it went up, then dropped some and got stuck again. Another person pushed all the buttons – like that was gonna help – while on the other side of the elevator, a woman used the “call help” phone (or really, the “get me the HELL outta here” phone). She started talking to the operator and the elevator dropped again and the doors opened at P2. Everyone fled and started walking towards the stairs.

Crap. 6 flights of stairs at 8am. Too early. For reals. I’m so outta shape. I’m carrying 2 bags because that’s what people who work in either downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis carry. Heavy winter coat. This sucks!

I made it. Barely. (This coming from a former casual runner. Yes, I know, I suck.)

I had hopped that was just a fluke and I wouldn’t have to do it again. But I was also glad to know where the stairs were just in case.

Good thing I now know where the stairs are because later that day, an email went out to all employees. “Elevators are out for undetermined amount of time.”

Nothing to do now but use the stairs. And you know what? When I get here early, I still park at P1 and walk up the six flights of stairs. I like a challenge. Apparently, others do not.

Minnesotans are notoriously passive aggressive. My husband said he learned from the best, his mother. (btw, I think he enjoys this trait especially now that he’s amongst his own people.)

And since the elevators have been out for about three weeks now, people aren’t happy anymore and it’s showing:

Maybe they have to order a part? Maybe it’s being shipped and nothing can be done until it gets here? Maybe they need to replace something and only one person in town can do it and he’s on vacation? I’m not passive aggressive; I look for other explanations or assume something.

So I’m assuming this person only has to walk up three levels. What a bitch.

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