6 Months

Six months gives us at least two inches (if not more!). Rolling over in every direction in your crib. Which you now love sleeping on your face, freaking both of us out when we go in and check on you. And squealing as loud as possible just to let us know you’re ready to get out.

Six months also means you’ve now got a little stranger anxiety. Nothing too bad, but you’re not afraid to cry if someone you don’t know well is holding you. But you warm up eventually. You’re super smiley and generally happy and excited whenever you see one of us.

You’re getting interested in food. Enough to grab at it and want to put it in your mouth. But that’s where it ends. You’re not sure what to do with it once it’s in your mouth. Oh, the faces you make! You had a little bit of cake at a birthday party this weekend and while you really wanted it, you had no idea what to do with it.

You still sleep about 10 hours a night with about 3 hours of naps a day. But you don’t do well at other people’s houses when it’s time for bed. You’re definitely a creature of habit.

You celebrated your first major holiday, Thanksgiving, with a trip to Nebraska. Cousin Jordan just loved playing with you and wanted to help take care of you. Everyone loved playing with you and you loved the attention!

Scully is still your pal, but you really prefer me or your dad. And, while we like Scully too, we prefer you even more.


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