Goodbye TPT…

Hello TPT!

I got a new job at tpt (I LOVE that they LOVE to hire within!). When I’m done with the Minnesota Video Vault project, I will have watched about 1000 shows.

One THOUSAND shows. Actually, there will be 1100 shows, but I’ve had some help (Thank G!) My brain is fried, but my knowledge of Minnesota and its history is unbelievable – or I like to think.

Remember when you were a kid and it was summer time and all you wanted to do was watch tv all day? (Maybe you weren’t as lazy as I was. But seriously, it was HOT in Texas during the summer, so unless you were swimming, you were watching tv.) And you wished you could get paid to watch tv all day?

Yeah, I did that. (But I did plenty of other things too!) And while the project was really awesome and ahead of the pack in terms of online archiving, sometimes, watching programs all day sucked. But, I’m proud of my work, my knowledge of Minnesota and the opportunity tpt gave me to take charge of the project.

It paid off.

So now, I’m finishing up my list of shows (1100!)and moving onto another project managing various internal websites. MANAGING, kids.


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