4 Months

At four months, he’s into Scully. He’s enthralled with her.

And, surprisingly, she’s very gentle with him. She loves to sit next to him and lick his toes and hands. She’ll cozy up to his face, showing her love. And in return, he loves to grab her ears, her necklace, and poke her eyes.

He’s also into rolling over. But now that he can do it, he doesn’t. Weird huh? He’s sleeping through the night and has been since I went back to work. Of course there are a few set backs like he’ll wake up around 4am but, the best part is he’ll talk himself back to sleep. We just lay in bed listening to him babble then he’s out again. It’s really cute. He usually sleeps about 10 hours at night and about 3 or 4 hours during the day.

And speaking of babbling, this kid can babble! We don’t know who he gets that from. He’s also serious. Very, VERY serious. But all you have to do is change his diaper or change his clothes and he’s all giggly again.

He’s officially in 3-6 month clothes. I think he’s around 17 lbs. but we’ll find out tomorrow at his 4 month appt. (shots!) Actually, I think he’s thinning out a little – staying the same weight but growing in length. Still a boob boy 100% (I work! It’s amazing!)

Justin is doing good with him at home. They watch tpt (PBS) during tummy time and lunch, it’s the only channel he’ll let Jules watch.

“Come on dad, mom lets me watch Maury Povich when she’s home.”


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