Me At 4 Months

Let’s talk about postpartum hair loss, shall we? Yes, it’s horrendous. Mostly because during my 9 months of carrying Jules (and a few months after he was born), my hair was full, thick, grew like weeds, awesome, and I didn’t lose ONE hair. And now, four months postpartum, let’s just say don’t be surprised if it shows up in cake batter or in my baby’s diaper or stuck to your socks or permanently on my fleece jacket.

It’s everywhere and I can’t stand it. I knew it would happen. And when it didn’t happen around two months, I thought I was one of the few who didn’t experience it. Ha! Little did I know it usually shows up around three or four months. Basically all the hairs I should have lost (approx 100 a day!) for the past nine months are falling out NOW. This minute!

And there goes 10 more.

The only comforting thought is that it will end, eventually.

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