If you have cable television in Minnesota, then you have countless channels of cable access. (Tens of TENS!) We have one for Fridley. Guess what’s on it? You name it. From the lunch menu at the elementary school that airs for about four hours, to the most recent city hall meeting.

(booooorrring. Actually, that’s how Justin found out the Northstar Rail will start in November. He’s all caffeinated up on it and wants to ride it the first day it rolls. Cause that’s how he wants to roll, by train.)

Anyway, the cable access channels are something we hurriedly pass over when channel surfing. Because they ARE boring. But I feel bad. I remember when I was in school and parents would record our events. Band concerts, color guard performance, and… well… that’s all we did. Oh, wait, I was in some musicals. I’m sure my parents have a tape of those somewhere. Anyway, if Friendswood had cable access, all those things would have aired on it.

Being past musicians (can we call ourselves that? We both played in College for some time. I’m gonna say…. yes, we were musicians.) and Drum Corps alumni, people always ask Jules, “You gonna be a horn player?”

I usually respond for him saying, “He can play anything he wants, even color guard!” (We’re still waiting for his answer of course.) But the reality is, he’ll probably take up an instrument. An instrument that we won’t have any idea about (sax – oh dear, we BOTH hope not.). And he’ll play it. Very, very badly for a few years. And we’ll be forced to listen to him and 50 other out of tune players. And it will be on cable access boring others and they’ll hurriedly change the channel too.

But, we’ll do it because we love him and we want to encourage him to be the best player he can be. To be the all-star musician his dad, Aunt Heather and Uncle Joe are – me, I’m mediocre. Our parents had to endure us sucking it up for a few years before we started sounding “decent” (Well, Heather was the exception to the rule. That chick was 1st damn chair from year one. Always jealous of that.) They had to sit through countless concerts and then proceed to tell us we sounded great!

Although Jules is only *almost* four months old, I’m realizing all the stuff we’ll have to endure – and possibly hate – is just part of parenthood.* And, you know what, I’m fine with that. Actually, I’m excited to see him learn, grow and excel at whatever he decides to play, instrument or not.

*It’s still hard for me to realize we’re parents. Parents are adults, Justin and I aren’t adults, we don’t feel like adults. I’m only 5 feet tall. Adults are taller and so are parents.

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