Where, Apparently, Anything Goes

Justin and I took Jules on his first road trip. A four hour drive to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “Why the heck would you go there,” you might ask. Or “Sioux Falls, where?” Yeah, it’s on the southwest border of Minnesota and South Dakota. Geography! These two states are neighbors! Sioux Falls is apparently the PLACE to get the BEST fireworks, although, we didn’t buy any. You can also drive down a major street on a 4-wheeler, casinos can be made out of small houses and still manage to stay in business, and Burger King serves soft serve?

Anyway, we went for a short weekend trip to witness a marriage that we honestly were surprised by. And from all the speeches we heard at the reception, so was everyone else (in a good way). It was a nice ceremony and the bride and groom and all their guests had a great time.

Including this lovely couple cutting the wedding cake on the table:

Another lovely couple:

Trying not to be “those people” with the crying baby at a ceremony:

At the Sioux Falls, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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