One Month

When the first pediatrician came to see us in the hospital, she told me my only job for the next few weeks was to eat, sleep and feed my baby. Nothing else. Luckily, my mom, sister and Justin were around to do everything else because that’s all I did, but not always in that order.

It’s been a learning experience for all of us. I CAN function on just a few hours of sleep. Do I prefer it? No, nope, no way. He’s so cute and sweet I’ll stay up rocking him until he’s out even if I’ve only slept an hour. People say it goes by fast and I 100% agree with that statement. He’s up to 10 pounds now and has outgrown his newborn onesies and diapers. But he’s still little enough to cuddle up like he did when he was first born.

He loves his bouncy seat and the swing.

Although Scully doesn’t like it when he starts screaming, he’s very interested in her.

And unless he’s sleeping, he’s hard to take a photo of.

Happy one month birthday my baby Jules.


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