84 Diapers

We went through a box of 84 newborn diapers in about 10 days. 84 diapers people! He’s three weeks old. And that doesn’t count the 2 smaller packages we went through first. Luckily, I didn’t buy any of them but now I have to. Here’s the problem: I got another box of size ones as a gift but he doesn’t quite fit in them yet. I have enough cloth diapers for one day (still trying them out before I purchase a few days worth) so do I buy just one more smaller package of newborn size or just wash cloth diapers every day?

Anyway, Jules is three weeks old. He’s getting stronger, louder, and more demanding of boob time.

People have been asking about Scully. She’s doing ok. If one of us is holding the baby, she’s sitting or being held by the other. She likes to smell and lick Jules but once he starts crying, she’s either leaving the room or trying to jump on him. We haven’t figured out why. She’s weird.

The chair for his room STILL isn’t here. Once it’s here I’ll share photos of his room.

(Jules sporting a cloth diaper)

My cute, little family.


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