Temporary Dumbness

Wow. I’ve been really dumb lately and I think yesterday’s post reflects that. My writing sucked! I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry.

I blame it on everything that’s going on. The move, appointments, broken cars, pregnancy, work, this thirst I can’t quench. Needless to say, I’m dumb but I know it’s only temporary.

Perhaps the only non-dumb thing I’ve done is fix our new/old dryer. The house came with all appliances and we were warned that the dryer “doesn’t keep warm” – whatever that means. We found out after trying to dry a load of clothes. It not only “doesn’t keep warm” but it doesn’t have any heat! At all. How the heck did these people dry their clothes?

So I turned to the internet and did some research. I came up with 2 possibilities and after some poking around with my Father-in-law and Justin, we determined it was the fuse (a $12 part). Ha! And I was about to buy another dryer!

I’m wearing pre-pregnancy pants today. Luckily the sweater is long (gotta love maternity sweaters…and a bella band) because my zipper, it’s down. All the way. Justin is amazed at how pants manage to stay up without the zipper. Hips, Justin. And I’ve got plenty to keep pants up. I guess this could be the one time I’m glad I’ve got them.

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