Life in Bullet Points

– House is getting unpacked, slowly. We’ve had the kitchen done for a few days now and cooked our first dinner there last night. But for some reason, we’ve lost the can opener. No clue where it’s at.

– Because we have no living room furniture, that room has been pretty easy to put away. We set up the projector last night to play WII (a birthday gift from Justin). And since the walls are freshly primed, we didn’t bother with the screen. It’s a fun, temporary solution until we get furniture. I won at bowling.

– Scully LOVES the new house. I think because it’s a “skye free zone”, Justin thinks she’s bored and can’t see the neighborhood (no windows are low enough for her). Either way, last night was the first time she’s played with Cletis in a long time.

– Apparently, the word got out at work that I’m pregnant. Even though I announced it to my department the first of January.

– I’m loving coupons right now. And CVS. If you’re interested in a few sites that I use to gather info on great deals, click here and here.

– The sun was shining early this morning and it looked awesome outside. Until I went out. Three degrees again. I knew this was a joke! Damn you Minnesota!

– My hair. It’s long. BUT, it doesn’t fall out anymore. I guess I can thank pregnancy for that.

– Does anyone have a steam mop like a shark? I swear the floors in the kitchen have NEVER been mopped and they are so dirty, nothing will clean them. I was thinking of getting one, any recommendations or advice?

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