I don’t really want to complain, because I know things will get worse*, but being pregnant and short sucks.

We successfully closed on the house yesterday. Thank you, thank you. We’ve been formulating a plan of attack because this house needs an attack, and fast. We knew it would need work, and luckily, it’s all cosmetic. But deciding what needs to be done first is a battle. But we both agree that painting the joint needs to be first. Blue is nice (we’re actually painting our bedroom the same blue we had in Vegas), but the colors they have are, well, a little crazy. And bright. And very, VERY blue. And turquoise and green.

So we’ll be priming everything this weekend. Any extra hands are welcome because I can’t paint. I can, but we don’t want a retarded fish-frog baby – so no painting for me.

Justin is gladly letting me stock up on things now, knowing the deals I’m getting. For those who have a CVS near them, I strongly urge you to use them. They have a program where you earn dollars for qualifying purchases. At first I was like, “I don’t need that right now.” But I changed my thinking to, “I will need it and use it eventually – say, in a few weeks or a month.” THEN, can you score killer deals.

Here’s what I got for $3 last night:
2 – liquid laundry detergents
2 – big bottles of shampoo

The best part, I earned $6 to spend at CVS as well as a $5 off my next $20 purchase. Once you start earning Extra bucks, you can roll them over to your next purchase and use them like cash. And if you have coupons, the deals are even better. (I used coupons for both products last night.)

How many of you know about this program? How has it worked out for you?

*Ok, “worse” probably isn’t the best word for pregnancy. But I meant, I know I’ll be getting bigger and the belly, it grows fast now. I have short arms, how the heck am I going to drive or type at my desk?

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