I’m 31. It didn’t really shock me until I was playing Sudoku on my DS when Dr. K from Brain Age said, “You’re 31 right? Happy Birthday!”

It was somewhat shocking to see it. 31. I think that puts me in a whole new age bracket on forms. You know, the one that lumps middle-aged people in one category and spans across generations. That sucks.

And my Nevada driver’s license expired too. No longer will I have braces and cute, little red cheeks on my photo, somewhat angelic looking. Now I’ll just look pasty, bloated and 31.

Justin let me do whatever I wanted this weekend. So Friday night, we saw “Doubt”. Excellent movie if you get the chance to see it.

Saturday, we hit up the huge clearance of Wilson’s Leather items. Since they are closing all of their stores, they’ve sent all stock to this one location in Minneapolis. We went and scored: 1 suede purse, 1 leather purse, 1 not leather or suede purse – just cute, 1 wallet for me, 1 wallet for Justin, a belt for Justin and a leather messenger bag for his laptop.

All for $100. We rule.

Then we drove up north to the outlet malls and hit up a few stores. The best score was at Old Navy. All already discounted items were an additional 50% off. Justin found a pair of jeans for $6 and I got a top for $4. We totally forgot about the 50% when we checked out (or I would have grabbed more shirts), and the total was only $6! Seriously, even if he uses those jeans to work on cars, it was still a better deal than Saver’s!

Target was our last stop. No big scores there but I did manage to buy 3 big bottles of cranberry juice for $2. I’m smart like that. Now that we’re closing on the house on Wednesday (EEEEEEEEEEE!), I’m trying to restock my pantry. Plus it’s just the nesting urge I’ve had to suppress for so long. Must.restock.NOW!

It was a double feature Saturday night with “Frost/Nixon” – also very good and “Benjamin Button” – another good one. It’ll be an interesting Academy Awards this year.

And then it was Sunday. 31. Baby kicked me all day. Maybe it was “Happy Birthday” in Morse code? No, it was probably all the sweet treats I had for breakfast. And for lunch. And for dinner.

As much as it can suck to have a birthday so close after Christmas, it wasn’t bad this year. I know, I know. Last year I got to go to London for my Birthday. Ya, it was cool but this year was better for different reasons.


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