Not Warm and Fuzzy

It was 23 degrees on my way to work this morning. And I forgot my gloves. Actually, they were in the dryer because we helped Justin’s dad rake up all the leaves on Saturday. Talk about manual labor!

My gloves, they were dirty.

The weather, it’s cold.

We think Scully doesn’t really like the cold. Only when there is snow on the ground, which totally makes sense, because then you can SEE the cold and justify it. Until then, she pounces on the door frantically, until someone lets her in. We should probably keep clothes on her.

I got the bottom of my foot lasered (totally not a word, but I have no other way to describe it) last week. Think of it as someone stabbing a McDonald’s straw through your heel as fast as they can. The thick straws, and it shoots up to your knee. It was that painful. I hobbled out of the office thinking, I can’t wait for child birth! Then I called Justin and cried to him the pain that I had paid a co-pay for. He did feel bad, but I don’t think as bad as I wanted him to feel. I wanted a grilled cheese when I got home. That’s how much comfort I needed.

I didn’t get one.

When we first moved here, there was one thing we were really going to miss about living in the West, SouthWest Airlines. Guess what? They’ll begin service from MSP in March! Just in time to take Justin to Chi-town for St. Patties day and for his Birthday! He’s totally excited because 1) it’s not NWA and 2) it’s St. Patrick’s Day and 3)it’s cheap! Now we can continue with our easy flying all over the US for less! So all of my Vegas friends, you can totally come out to the tundra with no excuses.


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