We have officially packed up Summer in the Foell house. The older Foell’s did it months ago because they are pros. Justin and I were in denial until this weekend when we realized we couldn’t wear our sandals, shorts and tanks for the next 5 months. So off to the storage unit they went. In their place we pulled out our “Winter” coats. (Which really are Las Vegas Winter coats. Actually, I have a nice Winter coat, I just have to layer to make it suitable for Minnesota. And Justin’s is from Old Navy. And after he wore it once in Kansas City, he deemed it suitable for a Minnesota Winter. We’ll see. Good thing his new job barely requires him to get dressed.)

Oh, yeah, Justin got a job. Working from home, telemarketing.

I kid! Telecommuting. Computer stuff. Website stuff. He’s excited. I’m excited he’s home to entertain Scully and let her out as necessary instead of kenneling her. We were mean parents. It also means that we can go down to one car and put the Silly Car in storage, where it will not see snow, ice, or salt. (Although it has totally seen ice, the Silly Car does well heating up quick for being, like 16 years old. But still, family rule: Silly Car sees NO snow.)

Something else that made it out of storage: my purse supplies! I had a request from a friend who wants some goods. So I thought, it’s been a very long time since I updated my etsy shop. I think it’s time to get my ass in gear. Plus, I’ve got the time, so why not. And since many buy homemade items for Christmas, I’ll keep prices very low during this crap-tacular economic downturn so you get what you want. Speaking of, if you want something specific, just let me know.

How weird is this? My Grandpa’s 80th Birthday is Wednesday. His Mother-in-Law (my Great-Grandma) is 91. WTH? Things would have been so different if he had married her instead of my granny. I told him this, but I don’t think he was impressed with my observation or my math skills.

Apparently, I’m on a “one post a week” rut right now. But there’s so much to talk about. Maybe after Thanksgiving, I’ll ramp up the posts. Who cares, right? Most people come here looking for this post anyway.

Oh, before I go, if you’re looking for a great movie to see this Holiday weekend, check out Slumdog Millionaire. It was beyond great. It got great reviews here in Minneapolis and everyone I was with agreed. If you see it, let me know what you think. We loved it. Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me.

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