You don’t expect to get political propaganda from an 8 year-old, but that’s what we got on Sunday when my Brother-in-law came over with his kids. We all knew who they were voting for just by the signs in their yard. That’s cool. Whatever floats your boat. I have never felt strongly enough to support someone with signs in my yard.

Unless it’s a Miller Lite sign.

But when an 8 year-old tells you she “hates!” the new president because he “kills babies!” a swift smack across the face is in order. BUT, that’s not what happened (more like eye rolling). Instead we told her it doesn’t matter who won, we have to support him now that he is our President.

I doubt that worked.

Justin’s getting all upset with the state of our health care system. I’m just upset because my car door was frozen shut the other morning. I’m all about the important things in life.

Oh! Ya! It’s like freezing temps now! Justin and I are such wimps. Scully, surprisingly, still likes to be outside. We did get her a new coat, but all the treats she gets from *someone who shall remain nameless*, has left her a little sausage. So the coat has to go back for the bigger size. But seriously, it’s freaking freezing here people. And it’s only November. Ok, positive thoughts. I lived in Utah, not as cold but it did get cold there. Damn my 5 years in the desert heat!

On the housing front: Yet another offer on a cute little starter home. And we’re doing ANOTHER offer on a different home tomorrow. The reason? They are both short sales and since our last offer on a short sale took about 2 months, we figured, we’d for sure get one or the other. So why not two offers. Don’t think I’m rich or anything. Cause I’m not.

Tomorrow is our company arts/craft/bake sale. Guess what I’m selling? Ha! Nope! I made homemade caramels (courtesy of my mil’s recipe), the standard chocolate chip cookies (which is the best recipe I’ve EVER found for thick chewy ones), and my yummy chocolate chip-pumpkin squares. I just hope I don’t eat everything on the way to work tomorrow.

I’ll close this with a short story of our nephew. He’s three and hilarious. Justin took him yesterday to pick up his older sister (who is 5) from kindergarten. She gets in the car and says, “I can spell my name backwards!” She then proceeds to explain that she can spell all sorts of words backwards. The stop sign, Justin’s name, etc. Her little brother then asks, “Can you spell ‘shut up’ backwards?”

If that’s not funny enough for you, go to about 2:30 in this video.


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