It’s Finals Week

2007 DCI season is coming to a close this week and I like to predict my top 12. Last year I was actually right with top 5. But it was easy to tell about half way thru who was going to place what.

This year, it’s different. Honestly, I have no idea. The last show I saw was Phoenix where it was almost rained out right when the Colts came on. They stopped playing their opener and called it quits. We on the other hand went under the stadium hoping they weren’t going to cancel it. I didn’t drive 5 hours and pay $80 for 47+ plans to fly over every single corps then for it to rain.

At last, the rain let up and the Colts came back on…then it started again. This time, drizzling. They continued and did great on wet grass. Same with Crown (who’s guard is awesome!), Regiment and Cavaliers. I zoned out after the 47th airplane passed over which says a lot for the last 4 shows. Not even an airplane could distract me. Great shows.

I can’t predict this year and I’m not going to try. My opinion is just that and I’m not going to have people say, “Your crazy to think Regiment will be Cavies!”

I don’t think I am. See some of you in Pasadena!

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