Whoppers vs. Maltesers

In 6 months, I’ll be heading over to London for my 30th birthday. To get started with the celebrations, Justin and I have been reading about London, Great Britain, England and any other books on the area. It’s really all the same isn’t it my British friends? Just kidding.

Anyway, we visited our local British food store over the weekend. Justin’s been on the hunt for these things called Maltesers. Apparently, they are the British version of whoppers. I like whoppers only at Halloween. They aren’t an everyday type sweet for me. I don’t even consider them a treat. Just another chocolate sweet in the sea of chocolate sweets.

But Maltesers are a bit different. Like all chocolates in Europe, they know what’s up. Our chocolate can’t even compare to this rich treat (yes, Maltesers are a treat). It takes this somewhat boring sweet to the next level. I actually like Maltesers and it’s not even close to Halloween.

So if you have a British store in town, pick some up. They are also available on line.


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