2 years later and I said yes again

Actually it was around the fourth of July when I agreed to run the Las Vegas Marathon. This year, two months earlier. I was talking to my friend and co-worker John about the marathon. He’s now big into fitness (which is great and it’s showing on him) so while discussing it, I mentioned I’d never do a full again but maybe a half. So he said, “Wanna sign up?”


But after many people talking me into it, including Justin, I agreed. This time around will be different. I’ll have people I know training with me; John, his wife Chris, Matthew (husband of a friend at work), Nita and Justin! I had a friend the first time but we all know how that ended-sorry Poodle. I’ll actually strength-train and cross-train this time and not be a sissy. Obviously that’s why I was so weak when I did the full.

Not that I’m going for a competitive finish time, I would like my training to be easier and yet still challenging. I went into the first one weak and dumb. I’ll just go into this one dumb but stronger!

So our first run is this Sunday…for 20 minutes…or so I’ve been told. But honestly, I could build up 13 miles in 28 weeks. I’ll keep everyone posted.


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