New Year…New You

A new you can be anything you want it to be. Consider a resolution that we all can easily do, for a new you, me and everyone. He’s not our President (close, but no cigar) but Al Gore has a good point. Justin and I just saw his documentary An Inconvenient Truth and we are glad we are doing our part, even if it’s small.

He might annoy some and bore others, but he’s got a point about global warming. His documentary is a hard hit to the face about global warming, even if there were tons of charts and graphs. It’s a serious issue. His life has been fighting this problem and up until I saw his documentary I didn’t think it was such a problem. But it’s not too late. We all can do small things to help.

Turn off your monitor or anything you aren’t using (turn it off!)
Wash your clothes in cold or warm water
Plant a tree
Recycle at home
Carpool with co-workers/friends
Replace your furnace filters often

Easy! So instead of being selfish with the standard resolutions like “weight loss,” “get more organized,” “watch bad language.” Be selfish by doing your part to keep it here for generations to come. Who knows, you might set a good example for the next generation. But keep the charts and graphs to a minimum.


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