Geeking Out Old School

It must be the fact that I haven’t done any type of homework or research since I graduated that has led me to do all the things I used to enjoy. My musical skills are somewhat intact since I busted out the flute. I’ve been wanting to play again for fun but never got around to it. Now that I’m bored after work I finally got it out the other night (along with the fingering chart) and tried to play. Now I know what kids went through with braces. I sound bad…but I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.

Scully likes my playing. Or so I think.

Justin got me a whole bunch of feet for my sewing machine at Christmas. I have no clue how to use some of them but I’m excited to try them out. Especially the teflon foot (to help with leather and vinyls). I’m such a geek.

Speaking of geek (or geeking out), I bought some Shrinky Dinks! I saw on craftster that some chicks were using Shrinky Dinks for their tags/labels. What a great idea! I haven’t done those since hanging out with Jennifer Putum in 3rd grade. I’m sure some of them are around my old bedroom. Watch ’em shrink! That’s the best part.

One old school thing I’m sad I can’t geek out to anymore are my VHS tapes. We had a DVD Christmas mostly to replace all the VHS tapes that I own as well as getting a few new ones. So off to the D.I. they go. Goodbye VHS tapes. I enjoyed repairing some of you (btw, you can’t repair a DVD but I’ll bring that up when it happens).

Weekend preview:
Justin’s parents fly in for a short trip.

A few friends are coming over for New Year’s. Shrinky Dinks might be on the agenda.

I’m determined to sew this stupid skirt I’ve wanted. Honestly it’ll take me like 2-3 hours but I can’t seem to do it. Here’s to hoping I’ll get it done.

Eating Red Velvet Cake from Doughboys! Thanks Tony, I’m sure we’ll love it!


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