Mamma Mia!

Sometimes things surprise you. Like your husband buying you tickets to see Mamma Mia after begging for three years. And what’s more surprising…He loved it too! Ok I’m probably exaggerating about the “loved” it part but after the first act he looked at me and said, “This is actually really good!” And he’s not even an ABBA fan.

Our seats were premium. We bought them through Nevada Public Radio where we are members, and we got a VIP pass for an after show question and answer time. Sweet!

Sitting third row in the middle, the band was loud and I could see the actors so well that we really got into it. But all the other NPR members around us didn’t. It could have been that we were the only members under the age of 65 and this was a late night for them. Who cares, we had a great time.

I thought it was really clever how the songs (already written) were incorporated into a narrative that was written 20 years later. It’s almost like buying a soundtrack to a show you’ve never seen until now. What was sad was some of the actors never liked ABBA growing up. I wonder if they just say they love ABBA now because they’ve got a job. I guess that’d be like saying “I hate Bill Gates” then go boot up windows on their PC at home.

If you come to Vegas and your spouse has been wanting to see this show for 3 or 4 years, take them. You might surprise yourself and get up and dance! Or you might just be surprised at how good it is.

VIP Baby!!

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