Movie Madness

With 4 days off work, Justin had planned on watching movies and nothing else. How lazy. But I have to admit, having the projector is such a cool way of watching movies. So I didn’t mind sitting around. Also, it helps when Best Buy put tons of their movies on sale for 5 bucks. Can’t beat that!

Even Scully got into the big screen viewing mode.
We all liked the dog show. Except they always pass over the Min Pins. Jerks! Scully hates that.

Then after joking about the Best in Show breed, Justin almost burned down our house. This turkey frying stuff is dangerous.
You like how I’ve never taken the tags off that oven mitt. I rule.

Luckily we weren’t fully up to temp so we shut it off and had to get another setup. I think this will be the last year for turkey frying. I’d like to try grilling it next year.

After dinner, we watched 2 movies but I fell asleep during both. Friday, we watched about 4 movies and I think I slept through most of them. Hey I was tired after getting up at 4:30 am to shop! Saturday, we had friends over for turkey enchiladas (yum, by the way) and watched another movie. Amazingly I stayed awake.

By Sunday I couldn’t take the laziness anymore. I went shopping. But then we came back and watched another movie… which I slept through.

So I guess I really didn’t *watch* any movies. But I own them all and have a sweet theater setup. If you would like to come over and watch a movie (and me sleep) just let us know. I’m sure we’ll be having lots of movie nights to catch up on the ones I’ve missed.

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