The Panic of the Day Before

I’m not really panicking, but I’m stressing. That can be considered the same. Justin and I our hosting our own Thanksgiving meal-for ourselves. Our friends are coming over tonight for a movie on the new projector and then they are off to spend Thursday with their families. So we are going at it alone. Which is fine. So why am I stressing?

1. After all the projector work in the living room, which moved into the kitchen and dining room, my downstairs is in a state of disarray. So we are taking care of this after work (which, btw, we get off extra early). So after the gym and the store to pick up some evaporated milk for Justin’s favorite pie, house cleaning is first on the list.

2. We have to prep our turkey this afternoon. We learned this brining technique from some cooking dude on t.v. It should be interesting. That’s Justin’s job but I have to make sure he’s not making a huge mess in the process.

3. Potatoes. I want to start them, but they brown easily. So I’m going to peel them and put them in a bowl of water and leave in the fridge. Do I need to add lemon juice? I don’t know! Someone tell me!!

4. Black Friday. Do I participate? I’m not sure. I got some great catalogs in the mail yesterday for Black Friday but I can’t decide. I get up so early during the week why would I want to on my day off and spend it with psycho shoppers? Maybe I’ll wait until 9am to go. I could just stay home and decorate. Now that sounds like fun.

I guess that’s all I’m stressing about. Not too bad for 2 people at dinner. Maybe we’ll have a big Christmas Party. I’d better start planning now and put my potatoes in water. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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