Expect an Invoice From Me

Last night Justin and I had to go to Target. On our way in we noticed a line forming outside the store. People were camping out for the new Playstation 3 (which, btw, is like $600!). Target actually had a nice sign that said “Line starts here”. How nice of my favorite store to keep the wandering people in a nice line far away from the front doors.

I don’t understand the appeal with the new ps3. It doesn’t play old games, it’s $600, and honestly, how many versions do we need? The main problem I have is not being able to play older games. Justin thinks it’s clever marketing. Charge more for the console and they have to buy new games. I work in the marketing field and I think it’s terrible.

Well what I’m marketing is something different but it’s all the same idea. Don’t you ever get annoyed with brand-named clothing? Especially the ones that say “GAP” in big bold letters. Or dealer logos on new cars or that pen you got at the latest trade show that labels you a “Citi Card User”.

Not only did we pay for these items (except that pen maybe or if you stole the car with the sweatshirt in it) but we are marketing for FREE!

Ok, I wear an Old Navy shirt (that says Old Navy on it) at the gym. That should be a good indicator of what I think of their shirts; not worthy of anything but sweat. Now if it doesn’t say anything on it (branding it to a specific store), I’ll totally wear it.

And my Coach purse….I love it. And I’ve been known to let people know it’s a Coach when they ask. But that’s it!

I really think that they should pay us to market for them. The next time I buy a new car I’m going to send an invoice to the dealer for the ad buy they didn’t know they bought. Or they can just remove the stupid logo off the back of my car. I think it’s a fair trade. Pay me or take it off. But the chance of me buying a NEW car is slim. I like my silly car at the moment.

All I’m saying is if they want me to wear, drive or use something recognizable with their logo on it, they should pay me. Then I might be able to afford that ps3 Justin wants for Christmas.

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