A New Link but Nothing is New

Most of my links on the right side are useful (either to me or you….mostly me). But some of you might have noticed that the link, Foell family isn’t cool. It’s a white page that says “Hi” Lame I know. My mom tells me everytime she clicks on it.

So all weekend, Justin spent hours slaving over it. So if you just can’t get enough of me or Justin or (one day) Scully, head over to the Foell family link. Right now, he’s totally tricked it out to rss feed (whatever that means 🙂 ) all of our blog posts to the homepage. It’s pretty cool.

I told him he was cool. We had a beer. Good times this weekend.

Have a good week!

Oh and I gave up writing a novel. I’m lame like the old Foell family link.

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