October 18th

So Jason’s right, I can’t just leave you hanging with a post like that one. But seriously, I didn’t want to write anything yesterday because October 18th, 2005 was the day I got laid off. It was a long time coming so when it did happen my office was cleared out and I felt so relieved that I didn’t have to open that front door anymore. I didn’t have to pretend I enjoyed working there (no matter how many treats they bought us). I didn’t have to listen to the “ride the rocket” speech anymore.

It was a huge relief. But yesterday, the 1 year anniversary was a different story. It was a horrible day at work. No help, no guidance, no instructions. Awful. I was hoping for some relief and it came from an unexpected source. The Chiropractor.

One leg is longer than the other….Again. But, I got a good massage, electrode therapy (or whatever it’s called) and an adjustment. It seemed she took all the frustration and anger out of me and left me exhausted.

I got home and Justin had the table set for dinner with wine to the ready. He’s the best. 7pm rolled around and I went to bed. I was mentally and physically exhausted at 7pm. That’s not normal for me but I feel so much better today.

I’m hoping today won’t be a repeat of yesterday. But if it is, I’ve got the Chiropractor on stand-by. And the wine.

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