How I Got My Inch Back

When you’re only 5 feet tall, every inch you have is yours and you don’t want to lose it. When I trained and ran the marathon I had some problems afterwards. My right leg and arm were having some problems. It could have been the fact I had just started a new job and was sitting all the time (which, by the way, I HATE!). So I went to the Doctors office.

The nurse called me back and took my weight. I snorted at that. Then she measured me.

“four eleven”
“What? No I’m 5 feet tall”
“Well today you are 4’11”
“Don’t write that down because I’m 5 feet.”
“But I have to write it down.”
“Well then write down 5 feet.”

She just giggled. Well of course she just giggled because she was like 5 inches taller than me! I was irritated and my right leg and arm were aching and I wanted to leave. But I needed to get this taken care of.

The Doctor came in. I told her what was up and mentioned the marathon. “Well that could cause a little damage.” She noticed one foot was longer than the other and suggested I visit the Chiropractor. So off to the Chiropractor I went.

I told her what was up and she started doing her voodoo magic. She asked where the pain was.

Pain? I just had an ache that I thought was nerve problems. Nope, I had a very common injury amongst runners in my glutes (hehe). So she worked them out and it hurt! A-ha! The pain she was asking about. Then she adjusted me. All I can say is it’s weird but feels good.

I went a few more times to finish treatment and now I’m good. And most importantly, I got my inch back!

It’s not a Doctor’s office, but it’s close enough for me.


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