I love it when I make the 606 diaries (a website that documents Todds life at 6:06pm). According to Todd, I’m usually talking when he takes the picture so I’m pretty funny looking. But he’ll make me stop talking to take a decent picture.

I begged to be in this one.

At the bar…as usual. Hey there’s actually other girls in the one!

If we aren’t at the bar, we’re at a friends house. Notice I’m the only girl. This is normal.

Or we are at my house with Scully jumping all over the place.

Sometimes it’s a celebration dinner at 6:06 pm.

And sometimes it’s a 6:06 AM special.

I’m not a regular on it so when I do make it, it’s fun. We are usually eating or drinking at 6:06 but it’s always in good company. Maybe we should start one that is 101 and take pictures of how we sleep. It could be entertaining.

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