I Got a Date!

More like a date range. Went to the ortho today and it’s probably a combination of him sick of seeing me and my smelly teeth (sometimes they smell) or my teeth are almost done that he gave me a date of “first of the year.”

January? February? March even? That’s still another 4 to 5 months! I’ll be at the two year mark next month and I’m no where near being done. And today the pain is just as much as day one (almost two years ago…remember). He did the magic “bend the wire” trick in about 4 areas. And mentioned “there might not be hope for you.” WHAT? I paid on time, I have great insurance, I’m a loyal customer there better be hope Mr. Ortho!

I hoping this time with the pain it will be worth it. So far it is after seeing the molds of my teeth before. Ugh! Why didn’t anyone tell me they were ugly! It’s ok, I wouldn’t tell you either 🙂

3-5 months left to go!


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