I’m Obsessed!

I go through phases, as some of you know, when I’m obsessed with whatever hits me at that moment. All this week I’ve been obsessed with the following items:

1. Justin and I had a date night a few weeks back. He took me to Cheesecake Factory because the first time I went I got this yummy Parmesan crusted chicken breast and I was craving it again. While we were sitting there, sipping our girly adult beverages, he asked if I wanted to go see the movie I had been begging to see, “Little Miss Sunshine.” So we called up our trusty movie pal Movie-phone and the theater across the street was playing it. So we went.

If you haven’t seen this movie, please, please go see it. (PLEASE!) Our taste in humor is very vast but this one nailed it. We were laughing so hard at these people and their tragic lives that we were crying! It really is so touching and sincere as well as extremely humorous.

Yes, I love the movie but that’s not what I’m obsessing over (well not as much). It’s the soundtrack. My friend Todd has this massive music file that we all access (thanks Todd!). I found the soundtrack and started listening on Monday. I love it! I think of happy VW Vans and happy road trips laced with problems, just like the movie. It’s perfect! Most of the music is by Sufjan Stevens and Mychael Danna. Check out their work.

2. I’m also obessing over lattes again. Maybe it’s because I’m living at a zoo and I need the morning caffeine. This one I’ve gotta work on, again.

3. Clothing patterns…That I’ll probably never make. Last weekend JoAnn’s had a $1.99 sale on patterns. So I bought about 6 and haven’t even opened them. But I love looking at the pictures imagining that mine will look just as good. Maybe this weekend I’ll attempt one top. Maybe.

4. The National news. I don’t know why but I have to check cnn.com, msn.com and yahoo news about 43 times a day. I can tell you what’s going on everywhere else but here. I haven’t read the local news (or seen broadcast) in about 4 months. I don’t miss it.

5. Purses. Still. I sold 3 this week so I’m still into it. But picking a name for them is hard. But I’m not obsessing over that. Just the different styles and shapes of the bags.

I guess I’ll have to see what next week has in store for me.


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