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So I did a craft fair on Saturday and they didn’t advertise for it. So it wasn’t as busy as I was told it would be. I didn’t sell anything. I was shocked but it’s good cause now I get to fill up my shop with everything. Check back later tonight when I update it. You might find something you’ll just have to have.

Justin and I went to a halloween party on Saturday. It’s the annual one we attend and look forward too every year. This year, we had 2 costumes. The one for work (yes we dress up for work…everyone does) we were Team Zissou. Most people haven’t seen the movie so they asked if we were smurfs. Hell no we aren’t freaking smurfs! Go see the movie. And for Saturday we were something very boring; he was Caesar and I was his little Goddess. We were cute. We had a great time. We also had a great time hearing about all the drama that happened after we left. That’s the best.

We’re saving up for our projector. We are hoping to have it by the end of this month. We’re surprisingly halfway there after we got our escrow overpayment (from last year) in the mail the other day. What a nice surprise. We’ll have to invite everyone over for a movie (maybe Life Aquatic). But the first movie we are saving for the Foell’s “big screen” is Batman Begins.

The weather is turing colder (I love it!) and now with the time change I’ll be going home in the dark. But that’s ok. That’s the best part of fall just like pumpkin pie, flannel sheets, hot chocolate and cozy movies to fall asleep to. Hopefully on a project soon (can you tell I’m excited). Have a good week everyone!

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