California Dreamin-Raisins

I hear everything on satellite radio. Seriously it ruined me and I’ll never listen to regular radio again. Yesterday I was listening to the 60’s on channel 6 (get it?) and Marvin Gaye was singing “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and it reminded me of my neighbors.

Jennifer DelRe was my first friend when we moved to Friendswood (hehe, get it?). Her mom made her come over while we were moving in to see if I wanted to play with her. Heck yes! I didn’t want to help with all those boxes and crap. So that started a very long friendship. One year her church was doing a pageant of some kind. She, her mom and a few others were doing a raisin dance to that song, “Heard it through the Grapevine.” It was when those California raisins were popular (and creepy) on t.v. Her mom made these big brown costumes (they looked like big turds), with white gloves and they had a dance all choreographed.

I was so jealous! I wanted to do the dance with them but I wasn’t sure about the turd costumes. So I had Jennifer teach it to me. I was obsessed with this dance. I wanted to do it so bad on stage. But looking back, it really wasn’t a dance. It was more like “stick your leg out here,” “point your finger,” “turn,” “walk off stage with a cool limp.” Basically what you’d see the California raisins do.

She invited me to see the show and I went. It wasn’t the best performance up there and I knew when someone messed up. When it was done, I was happy I got to see it. It was cute and entertaining. But dressing up like a turd wasn’t my dream.


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