Why So Much Food?

Justin, Todd and I went to Islands this weekend. It’s a hamburger joint that we’ve heard so much about. We’ve officially ranked it in our top 5 of burgers but I do have one complaint. Actually this is my complaint with ALL restaurants: too much food. Honestly, do they need to give us a basket of fries bigger than my head? You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. No jokes here. Seriously. Since when did our society become so gluttonous that we need a basket of mediocre fries bigger than my head?

I figured that we could share it. Todd said it was a basket. “We don’t have to eat them all. I’m just here for the hamburger.” And the hamburger was enough. But I wanted a few fries. It’s American to have fries with a hamburger. I guess the new American standard is to have a basket full of fries (again, bigger than my head!).

Please don’t peg me as the model of health when it comes to eating. However, I do know that what I put in my body is for fueling purposes only. (Like the banana I just ate.) Obviously those snackwells and vitatops are just an occasional treat. Same with the cheesecake we had at Cheesecake Factory (but we both only ate half our meal). They should make a great lunch today. Just be aware of what you are eating and (here’s the most important part) how MUCH. Because restaurants will give you enough for two, sometimes 3 people. It doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. So why do these restaurants think we can?

I was tempted to give my basket of fries back since I didn’t even make a dent in them. There was no way I was taking them home either. (Left over fries don’t work out well…incase you didn’t know that.) Todd didn’t finish his fries, even with Justin’s help! I’d rather pay for enough food that I will eat. If I’m still hungry I can always order more. I’m sure the restaurant will be happy to give you another 3-serving sized order. Or a basket full of fries enough to feed about 5 people.


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