Show of Shows Recap

We made it back with some sunburns, a minor hangover and lots of new memories. Isn’t that the best way to come back?

After sleeping in some on Saturday, we went to rehearsal. The day was beautiful with lots of sun…minus sunscreen.

The Color Guard practicing in the wind. What fond memories of getting hit in the head on days like today.

Justin looking cool in the heat. That’s the beer tent in the back. If it was open, we would have been there by then.

After a fabulous show (beating the Cadets!) we stood in front for all their concert pieces. Being in front of the low brass is where it’s at. Just look at those horns!
Playing Spartacus, Elsa’s, New World and another one I can’t remember (probably cause of all the beer I had). I’m sure Mike remembers. But it was awesome!
Beer Tent Time!

Friends Gina, Tommy and Carrie. It was good seeing everyone again! Oh, we also finished off the beer truck. Leave it to Regiment Alumni…we get the job done!


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