1 down 3 to go

It’s a pretty big milestone when you’ve paid off one of four student loans. You realize that it was worth dealing with stupid people in study groups, lame projects that required you to use PowerPoint and Professors who didn’t even know your name.

Let me clarify before you keep gasping at the number “4”… that’s between Justin and I. We both have two. More like I have one and he has two. Yes, he did go to a private college that was about a gazillion dollars more than my little state school but still!

My accomplishment has only allowed me to spend that money on other things. Which is probably the wrong way to go. I should put that amount into my savings or increase my 401k right? Wrong. I’ve just upped my sewing habit and have yet to decrease my starbucks consumption. I’m working on the starbucks problem, really I am.

But I look at the big picture. If I’m able to, I will. And I am! But we still have three to go. Let’s all wish Justin luck as he might be the next winner in the game of “return on investment.”


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