January 24-25

While Writinggal was enjoying her birthday, I was celebrating too. Her’s and mine. Actually I’m so busy today that I can’t celebrate like I wanted too tonight. Sad I know. But don’t fret, I’m still going to honor today as my day, but I got to open everything up last night! It rocked!

Justin took me out to Lawrey’s Steakhouse. The same people who make the great season salt have a great restaurant off the strip here. Without going into too much details, it was the best Prime Rib I’ve ever had. The house salad dressing was excellent and the Yorkshire Pudding (aka popover bread) was so tasty! While eating, I made a comment to Justin “How come there are tables full of men in here?” It was like a gentleman’s club without all the hookers! It was very 40’s style classy and upscale. So it was more like a country club. If you come into town, consider going there. It was well worth it!

We got home and I was ‘allowed’ to open my gifts from Justin. He’s so paranoid sometimes. He was worried about one of the gifts…that I might not really like it. “You know me, you should know what I like!” And after opening the iffy one first, a sigh of relief came over him when I was all girlie and giggly. He got me a boombox for my satellite radio unit. Now I can listen to it anywhere in the house! Or take it camping…if we actually go sometime. Either way, I love it!

My second gift is just as cool and practical. Since I’ve started working, I’m suck in a rat maze of cubicles. I sit next to co-workers that chat on the phone all day (it’s their job). So I’m always needing some headphones. Justin got me some noise canceling headphones. So I’m trying them out today. I’m 100% sure they will solve all my problems….of noisy people.

My third gift was something that I picked out after Christmas. He’s been holding onto it since. So it was no big surprise when I opened it.

So today, I’m secretly celebrating my actual birthday with a bagel and a latte; my noise canceling headphones listening to satellite radio. This is how people should be celebrating their birthday’s. Using the gifts they got the night before. Maybe next year my birthday will fall on a Friday. Then I can celebrate all weekend!


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