Howard 100%

I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few time that I have satellite radio. I’ve had it for over a year. The programming is so much better than Las Vegas radio (sorry Aubry) that I never listen to it. Blah! The big news last year was Howard Stern would be heading over to Sirius. I thought to myself, “Ok, so what. I don’t listen to regular radio anyway so it’ll just be another show on satellite.”

There is a problem with satellite radio; you don’t stay on a channel for too long. Once the song or show is over, you change it to something else because you know something better is on. All of the channels are better so it’s really hard to stick and listen. At least that’s my problem.

The first day of Howard 100-101, Justin wanted to take my car to work. Every time he gets in the car, he instantly changes the channel to his favorites. But this day was different. He plugged in channel 100. I bitched, “I don’t want to listen to this crap!!” “Come on, it’s the first day! Let’s just listen for a little bit. If it gets stupid we can change it.” “Fine.”

We listened to the show the whole way to work. It seems to have worn on me. And if you’ve never listened to Howard when he was before satellite, let me tell you why you should listen.

A) Only listen to him when you are awake. If you listen when you are waking up, the deepness of his voice will annoy the hell out of you (I would always yell to turn it off. That’s probably why I hated the show so much).

B) This show is really for adults only. In case you didn’t know. Seriously, most topics are covered and in great details. So if you are like his Intern who’s never been with a chick, listening to the show would probably give you ideas that you might not otherwise have.

C) Sometimes the questions are dumb. However, it puts the questionee in an uncomfortable position (or comfortable) and then the real entertainment begins.

D) He has outrageous standby’s. Midgets and drunks that are always willing to do whatever it takes to make me (the listener) laugh. Also making it possible to come back on the show. Hey if a midget thinks it’s funny….then it must be ok to laugh.

E) Surprisingly you might learn something on his show. Recently, they all revealed something that no one else knew. Ya I really don’t want to know who cheated on his wife or who had plastic surgery or who was…um… really bad. But when you listened to which each one belonged too, I was surprised and disgusted all at the same time. But I still listened. Just like millions of other listeners. Yes, he has millions of people listening to him, so he must be doing something right.

I’ve never been able to hear the entire show but I get enough of it on the way to work. But my channel flipping days are over on satellite radio. Unless he’s talking about the FCC… boring! Let’s see what’s on the 80’s channel. “Yes! Billy Joel!” Well maybe I still flip…remember, there’s always something better on!


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