My First Review–Of Avenue Q

Living in Las Vegas has some advantages. Gambling is at every corner store and grocery store, there are great restaurants here like my man Roberto’s, and lots of great entertainment. And if you have to come to Vegas on a budget (because put everything you have on black) there is a lot to do here for next to nothing. I only say this because as a local I got free tickets to a Broadway show. Yes that Broadway. Us lucky locals get a lot of free stuff and specials to take advantage of and we do take advantage. So I’m here to tell you how my free and very first Broadway show was.

My first Broadway show was excellent! It was “Avenue Q” and actually won a Tony. Go look it up if you don’t believe me. It’s about a puppet who moves to New York and can only afford to live on Avenue Q. He has many new friends. Some puppets and some humans. He ends up unemployed but with the love of his new friends and the love of one puppet, Kate Monster, he realizes that it sucks to be….Gary Coleman (yes the Gary Coleman).

The songs are really true to standard Broadway. They tell a story without being cheesy in the process. With lyrics like “the internet is for…Porn,” “It sucks to be me,” and “Everyone’s a little bit racist.” intriguing huh?

Aside from the lyrics, you’d think “Hey it’s puppets it can’t be too bad.” It is. It is definitely not intended for anyone under the age of um, 18. The lyrics are very adult oriented, some of the subject matter is too and, well there is a sex scene…. with the puppets. It’s hilarious.

The sex sold it huh? You wanna see it right? Well come on out to Las Vegas, order some tickets from the Wynn and have a great time. Don’t worry, the puppets aren’t scary.


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