I Love The 80’s

Actually this post is called “Why 80’s Music Rocks” taken after my friend, Writinggal. She likes to pick a group and explain why they rock. I thought I’d do a whole era. That way I don’t leave anyone out.

The 80’s rock mostly because I have satellite radio. Actually everything on satellite radio rocks, but we are discussing the 80’s, channel 8 on Sirius. Everyone knows the popular stuff from the 80’s. Tears for Fears, George Michael (whom my mother would never buy for me), Madonna and many others. Then you have the one hit wonders. They don’t happen as much anymore. A-ha, Murray Head and Bow Wow Wow (if you didn’t know that last one, they sing “I want candy”). I think the one hit wonders are being weeded out by things like contracts, good song writers and more political issues than in the 80’s. Ok political issues is just my opinion. I was probably too young to understand. “Der Kommissar”, was that political? Who knows, but it rocked.

I think what also made 80’s music rock was they seemed to be geared toward television with MTV. Songs now had to look awesome. They might have sounded stupid, like “Whip It” but looked great on MTV. Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” was pretty cool looking but I never understood why he wanted to be my sledgehammer.

Movies made 80’s music very popular. In the 60’s and 70’s, music was composed, so they were all original pieces. Boring! In the 80’s you had your favorite movie and it had all your favorite songs. There are too many to list, but if you want the basic idea of the 80’s and all the awesome music, watch “The Wedding Singer.” It’s cheating but they did a great job recreating the 80’s from clothing, cars, culture and of course music. By the way, Adam Sandler’s mullet rocked in that movie.

For those of you who don’t have satellite radio, I’m sorry, but you should get it. I rock out to the 80’s all the time. But I don’t sport a mullet to rock.


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