I Am a Boggle Champion

Every year or so it seems Webster’s Dictionary is adding new words. Holy cow, new words! It’s almost amazing that it happens, but then I think to myself, “Hey I make up new words all the time!” I think being a creative mind that I am (of course this is my opinion), it is necessary to come up with my own words for things and situations.

When I was younger I got the game Boggle. Maybe my mom was telling me something; either my spelling stunk or I was the best speller in the world. Ok, my spelling stunk and it still does so Boggle didn’t help much. But making my own words to win against my sister helped shape who I am. Well, a person who makes up words. But most of the time she’d say (and she’s smarter than me) “That’s not a word!” I’d argue for a bit then give in. Damn, I lost again! “Berkent, it sounds like a word.”

Recently Justin made fun of me. This was nothing new because I’m funny to him. But he was making fun of the words that I use. “Where did you get ‘doe head’?” I thought about it for a while and really couldn’t come up with a good answer. I use ‘doe head’ more than some curse words. Basically I use it in a loving way instead of calling you an a**hole. See ‘doe head’ is much nicer.

He was also making fun of some words that I use incorrectly. Automotive is an adjective, but I use it like a verb. When he comes in from working on his car, he smells. “Man you smell like automotive.” He just laughs at me then asks, “What does ‘automotive’ smell like?” “you,” I reply. Duh! He also smells like boy sometimes. I can’t explain that one either, sorry.

I’ve got a nickname for basically everything too. Like Scully, I was calling her ‘sister’ ever since I got her. And now Justin does. Justin calls everything a “johnny.” “Where’s that johnny?” It could mean anything. I’ve given Justin a nickname too. My sister and her husband know what it is. They laughed and made fun, so I can’t tell any of you now. Everyone say “Thanks” to Heather and Joe (she’s my smart sister, well my only sister).

And until I was all hip with the computer (thanks Justin!) I called mp3’s, mp’s. I left the three off. I can’t remember why but it stuck. And now he calls them that. So imagine, I have the same power that Webster’s Dictionary has. I’ve created my own words and now my husband uses them too. And I’m pretty sure that ‘berkent’ is a German or a Canadian word. Now where’s that Boggle game?


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