It’s Been Awhile….

No not the song, however every time I say that line I end up singing it in my head. Call me crazy (nevermind) but I do sing it. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’ve been really trying to come up with something interesting to share with my three readers (thanks Justin, mom and Heather).

You would think that being home all day and experiencing many different things other than work would allow me to spin it into a blog-tale. Not so when Tuesday’s feel like Monday’s and Friday’s feel like Sunday’s. Basically I thought today, our nation’s celebration of turkey, was Saturday. But it’s not and I don’t have to get up early tomorrow to do my last training run (THANK HEAVEN!) Btw, my marathon is next Sunday. But to me it could be a Wednesday. Until I have some sort of structure with my days, blogs might be a little thin.

However, I am trying. I try to be up between 6am and 10am. I think that’s a pretty good time to get up, somewhere in the middle. Check the “E” and look for jobs. After that, get a latte (I have to make them at home cause you suckers don’t click on my links. Get clicking, my lattes suck!) and try to take a shower by noon. This seems like a decent and obtainable schedule, but I end up watching tv in bed (damn digital cable in my bedroom) and before I know it, it’s noon! My whole schedule is outta whack. So then I have to play catch-up.

So you see it’s not easy being home all day and knowing you have things to do. But I’ll try harder. So get clicking and posting comments and I know my creative juices will flow. Today, it’s turkey juice’s. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don’t forget to watch the dog show. Make it part of your families tradition. Or just watch Best In Show, it’s funnier.


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