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My friend Tony sent me the link for the new trailor of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” I’m excited because I really like the story. I wish I could have gone to a Wizarding school instead of my High School. They didn’t offer a potions class, I got chemistry. I went to history class instead of spells and devination. I was in the band but I would have dropped that as soon as I heard there might be a quidditch team or atleast learned how to ride a broom. See, wouldn’t High School have been much more fun to go to? No parents, just friends that you roomed with.

So to keep the story fresh, I only read a book right before the movie comes out. I’m in the middle of the 4th one. I know I’ll be done with it by November when it comes to the big screen. I don’t compare movies to books. That’s a waste of time. I just like to see how it comes out in the movie–how things look and feel.

We all know that the 6th book was released a few months ago. Crazed fans were lined up before midnight to get this book. Didn’t these kids have school in the morning? Geez, my parents would have never let me do that! So I’ve tried to stay away from people who have read it. I want to find out myself when the time comes what happened that year at Hogwarts.

Today, I went to visit my friend, John’s blog(the geeeek link on the right). The first post talks about the new movie coming out AND some information giving away the 6th book! (don’t go to that link if you don’t want to know) I don’t blame him because it’s his blog (I’m not blaming you Hawkins). Actually I’m not blaming anyone. No blame here. I just didn’t try hard enough to stay away from 6th book readers. I didn’t know he’d read it. If so, I probably wouldn’t have gone to his blog for like another 3 years or until the 6th book was made into a movie, which ever came first. But I did read his blog so it’s my fault (ok, there’s the blame).

I guess it was bound to happen. With so many fans like me, I’m not crazy though, I’m sure there is information all across the internet about it. But I’m not about to give up the internet, that would be going too far! So I’ll just take my information and just be prepared when I read it. Now when are they starting on book 5?


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