Pleased to Meet You Mr. Sedaris

When I like something, I get obsessed over it. For example, when “Fargo” came out, I watched it as many times as possible, I still do. I did research online about the story to see if it was really true. Apparently it wasn’t. Those Coen brothers are genius’ for telling me it was true, for letting me believe it was, then letting me down years later when it wasn’t. Way to be creative.

Movies, television shows, books and people, if you intrigue me, you get my full attention. When the movie “Evita” came out, I had been eagerly awaiting it. I had the Broadway musical album it so of course I knew the entire story. I would read my very outdated Encyclopedia about Eva Perron (this was before the internet and ‘google’ searches). She had been dead for about 30 years when it was printed, so I figured it was accurate. But I did more and more research when the movie came out. The movie was beautiful but disappointing. Oh well.

Natalie Wood is one of my favorite reads. I was introduced to her in 1993 in theater class. We watched “West Side Story” and it became one of my favorite musicals to this day. So naturally, I went to the library to read everything about Natalie Wood. I saw some more of her movies–some good, some bad. I learned about her water phobia which eventually took her life. How ironic.

When she was young, she was filming a movie and she had to walk across a bridge during a simulated rain storm. The bridge was to fall after she walked across, but some doe-head let it go before she got across it. She fell into the water and damaged her wrist. So from that day, she never went anywhere without a bracelet covering the damage. See, it’s not all about drugs and madness!

My favorite author is David Sedaris. One night I was watching Letterman and one of his guests was David. I had never heard of him but he looked funny and read a pretty funny story called “Stadium Pal.” He was explaining how lopsided accessories are for women and men. Women have bracelets, necklaces and belts, things like that. Men usually only have a few accessories. So he thought that men should have something to help them out while at a sporting event, watching TV or whatever they could be doing. I won’t tell you what it is. Google him and read it for yourself. It’s creative and funny.

My obsessive hunt began after his appearance. I only remembered his first name and the name of his book. Justin would recall his last name occasionally. I walked into every bookstore and looked for a comedic writer named David something with a new book called “Naked.” That was a hard search. But then one day we were out shopping and we stopped into a bookstore. I was still on the hunt for him and Justin finally remembered his last name “Sedaris.” A-ha! It’s pretty easy when you have that kind of information. So I bought the book and couldn’t put it down!

I was in school still so I didn’t have to get up early like my loving husband. So I would read and laugh so hard that he would wake up and say “GO TO BED!” Then I would just have to tell him about David’s sister laying in the street trying to get run over by a car so their mom would let them back in the house. But he didn’t see how it was funny.

David had more books prior to “Naked’s” release. I eventually bought all of those too. Justin even took me to see him in Ogden, Utah. He was reading stories that were going to be in his new book “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.” We had pretty good seats and I thought it was even funnier when he read them to you. Afterwards, I bought another book and had him sign it. But he really didn’t notice me, he’s was more interested in my husband. “Have we met before?” he asked my husband. “Umm, not unless you’ve been in Salt Lake before.” So they chatted for a while, well maybe David flirted and Justin chatted. I knew it was flirting, but Justin didn’t believe me. I opened my book and it read “Dear Jessi, thanks for making me rich. David Sedaris.” So I’m making you rich and you like my husband. I think I should get a chapter in his next book.

So a year later his new book was released. I got it for Christmas. And he came to Las Vegas a few months ago to do some more readings and signing’s. If you have a chance, go and hear him tell tales of his North Carolina/New York family. You will think your family is nothing compared to his. I brought along my book for him to sign and again, brought my husband. I reminded him of our first meeting with David and how David really liked Justin, even thought I was the fan. Justin has never even read one of his books!

It was our turn to meet him and get my new book signed. And again, David reached out for Justin’s hand and said, “Hey speedracer!” (Justin was wearing a speed racer shirt) “You look familiar.” Justin replied,”Ya we met about 2 years ago in Ogden, Utah.” David went on to explain to Justin how he tanked at that show. But we both reassured him that we thought he was great. This time he was much more sincere with his message:”Dear Jessi, it was so nice to see you again. David Sedaris”

I could be wrong, but I think he might have been hitting on my husband again. This could be possible since Justin is very handsome and well, hot. I can see how David Sedaris couldn’t resist talking to him. As long as he keeps writing, I’ll keep bringing my husband along. Hey, if it gets my booked signed, I’m all for it! I hope Justin is too. But I’m still waiting for the chapter.

Maybe this plug will get me a chapter…probably not. But enjoy anyway!

David Sedaris

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