Two Year Molars

Jules was always a content baby unless he really needed something. He had this high-pitched “EEEEE” right before he would start to cry. So if we caught him at that stage, we were golden. As a toddler, pretty much the same way. Except the “EEEE” is now “Help ple-EEEEEEEse mommy!”

He’s a good eater. He has manners. He’s funny. He’s a little self-destructive when we say “No” or tell him not to do something. And even when he’s sick, he’s manageable. Just cuddle, a little meds and he’s good.

But damn these 2-year molars! Never was he like this in all of his teething episodes. At first I thought he was sick. A slight fever and a hacking cough, I blamed it on the kids at the gym. But then I saw little teeth poking through and it all clicked: the moodiness, fever, not wanting to eat, screaming when it was time to brush teeth. Turns out, giant, stabbing knives were poking through his little gums. I’d be moody too.

Mommy: Jules, do you want Mini Wheats or Cheerios?
Jules: Cheerios.
Mommy: (getting the Cheerios box)
Mommy: You want Mini Wheats?
Mommy: (WTF? Getting the Cheerios Box)
Jules: In little bowl. (he means a ramekin)
Mommy: You can’t eat Cheerios in a ramekin.
Mommy: Fine, here.
Jules: Pour milk.
Mommy: (starting to pour milk)
Jules: NO MILK!

One day, I think he ate yogurt and raisins. That’s it. For a kid who normally eats a big bowl of cereal, toast, yogurt and milk, this new diet of nothing is a little worrisome. But I know it’s temporary and he’ll be fine.

Last night after a particularly difficult diaper change, he actually said “hurt in mouth.” Oh, it was so sad! And I felt really bad for him. So Justin and I cuddled him and tried to help him feel better with medicine and distraction, diaper-less.

So 2-year molars, hurry up and get here. We miss our sweet Jules.

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