My kid. He loves trains. That is until we took him on a real steam engine that freaked the f out of him.

Trust me, he’s holding on for dear life.

Before the weather got all weird and cold, we took a trip up to Northern Wisconsin. On the way, we stopped and rode on an old steam engine. We thought Jules would love it. And initially, he did. But as soon as that whistle let out its high-pitched squeal, Jules FREAKED OUT. There was no consoling him. There was no “Look Jules! You’re on a steam train like Thomas!” There was only screams and tears.

We’re awesome at parenting!!

He eventually lightened up after lunch and was excited to sit in the engineers seat of a train that did not move. Or make a sound. Or had a weird hiss to it. It was finally exciting for him.

He requested to go inside the caboose, up top. Justin was excited to crawl around old train cars. I was just happy Jules wasn’t crying anymore.

On the way back, we decided to sit at the furthest car from the engine. What a difference that made. Jules was so happy, bouncing from seat to seat.

Wait for it…

And, steam whistle.

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